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Property Loan Consultant :-
Kingphisher Smart Group of Company is one of the well-established Property Loan Consultants in Bihar, India. Normally getting approval for a loan is very tiring and cumbersome. Owing to our Group's long-standing association with reputed banks like OBC, SBI and PNB, we are able to provide clients with a variety of Loans such as Residential Property Loan, Commercial Property Loan, Home Loan, Loan against Property and others.

Our agency is well acquainted with the procedures of acquiring loans of different banks in Bihar. Hence, you can rely on us to do documentation, assist you during verifications and carry out follow-ups on your behalf.


Property Insurance Services

We are ranked among reputed Builders & Developers providing trustworthy Property Insurance Services in Bihar, India. Getting your property insured is a wise thing. Therefore, if you are desirous of doing so, we can help you. Our Group offers Complete Property Insurance Solutions that cover property, its contents, interests of the policyholder and his/her family members. We provide various insurance plans to cater to varied requirements of clients and provide individually tailored solutions as well. In addition, our insurance policies have affordable premiums and attractive rebates. Therefore, whatever your budget or the size of the establishment, we have a plan for you.

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