Property Legal Adviser

We, Kingphisher Smart Group of Company, are ranked among well-known Property Legal Advisers in Bihar, India. Our company is involved in offering Property Law Services to clients planning to buy, sell, rent or lease any property. We can offer clients complete analysis of the property that will illustrate points like nature of property, its current interest rate, whether the property is disputed etc. In addition, we undertake Property Documentation, Property Law Services and Property Litigation.

We also provide clients with deeds, property papers, contracts, rent documents and many more. In addition, we can do verification of documents and inspect their authenticity. So whenever you require legal advice regarding residential property you can get in touch with us.


Property Valuation Services

Our Group is one of the leading Builders & Developers rendering reliable Property Valuation Services in Bihar, India. Whether you are planning to buy, sell, rent or lease a property, it is important you are aware about its pros and cons. This is where we can help you. We have a team of Valuers with years of experiences and profound knowledge about the current market scenarios. Our members will analyze the property and provide you with a full report citing the properties merits, de-merits, monetary value, what changes that will make it more desirous etc. So give us a call anytime you need a professional opinion on a property.

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